PermeOX Plus

EquipmentPanther has joined forces with FMC Corporation (FMC), the father of Peroxygen Products for the last 70+ years, to develop and distribute several environmental products specifically designed for the Environmental Industry. Unknown to most, FMC is one of the largest producers of slow-release oxygen products in North America. These products are used as an ideal, cost-effective alternative for soil and groundwater remediation via bioremediation enhancement, in addition to being used as a food-grade supplement in the baking and oral care industries as well as in the agricultural industry to promote seed germination.

Panther serves as Distributor and Service Partner for FMC's new slow-oxygen-release product (PermeOx® Plus), made available in the first quarter of 2002, among other environmental products throughout the East Coast. PermeOx® Plus is an engineered calcium peroxide-based product, which offers significant benefits over currently available calcium peroxide and magnesium peroxide products. This new formulation has been specifically designed by one of the world's top chemical manufacturers with a focus towards environmental applications. This formulation will provide superior oxygen release rates over longer durations, and is a more cost-effective alternative for in-situ and ex-situ biological soil treatments, not to mention odor abatement in municipal and wastewater applications.

PermeOx® Plus Information / Data

The following documents are available for review and use in determining the applicability of PermeOx® Plus for your project sites. New information and data is being collected every day. As this data is collected, the information below will be updated accordingly. Should you have any questions regarding the applicability of PermeOx® Plus for your project sites, please feel free to contact us for project support.

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