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Site Remediation / Wetlands

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Project: Boardwalk Replacement
Location: Commercial Township, New Jersey
Panther was awarded a contract to demolish two existing wooden boardwalks and to replace them with pre-cast concrete boardwalks at a wetland mitigation site located in Port Norris, New Jersey. The project is part of the clients Estuary Enhancement Program which was started to preserve and enhance more than 20,000 acres of Delaware Bay tidal wetlands and adjoining upland buffer areas that surround the Salem Generating Station. The purpose of the boardwalks is to make these sites more accessible and educational to the local population. The original wooden boardwalks were constructed in 1996 and were damaged in 2012 during the storm surge associated with Hurricane Sandy. Read more...

Project: Asphalt Refurbishment
Location: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Based on having executed over a dozen successful projects for our client, a global industrial leader, Panther was awarded a project to refurbish large paved areas at their electric motor re-manufacturing facility located in Philadelphia. This was the fifth project our group was awarded at this facility where we have competed several million dollars in value added improvements. The project included greater than 150,000 SF of asphalt refurbishment (seal coating, overlay or new asphalt), pavement markings, new concrete containment curbs and associated civil work, including removing existing, non-reusable material and loading into containers. Read more...

Project: Wetland Mitigation Bank Construction
Location: Fairfield, New Jersey
Panther was awarded a contract to construct a wetland mitigation bank on a 253-acre site in Fairfield Township, New Jersey. The land was formally salt marsh but was reclaimed as diked farmland a century ago for salt hay production. The project involved the removal of 9,000 linear feet of an eroding earthen berm from the eastern perimeter of the site to restore the salt hay farmland to its original tidal wetland condition. The berm was then reconstructed on the western perimeter of the site with the same earthen material, more than 2 miles away. Read more...

Project: In-Situ Bioremediation
Location: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Panther provided personnel and equipment for the procurement of 1,060 gallons of emulsified vegetable oil product EOS B42 and mixing and injection of 23,000 gallons of dilute EOS B42 bioremediation solution into pre-existing injection wells. Read more...

Project: In-Situ Bioremediation – Wurtsmith Air Force Base
Location: Oscoda, Michigan
Panther provided personnel and equipment for the procurement, mixing and injection of 2,940 gallons of emulsified vegetable oil product EOS B42 at Wurtsmith Air Force Base in Oscoda, Michigan. Read more...

Project: Chemical Manufacturing Plant PCB Cleanup
Location: New Jersey
Panther was contracted by a local chemical manufacturing client to excavate, remove, stabilize and load-out PCB-impacted sediments from an area adjacent to a tidal creek. Read more...

Project: Pond and Stream Remediation, Restoration and Stabilization
Location: Ewing, New Jersey
Panther completed a soils excavation, stabilization and disposal project conducted primarily in multiple wetland areas of the approximate 80 acre site. Read more...

Project: Superfund Site – Wetland Remediation
Location: New Jersey
A team led by Panther and ERM, was awarded the design-build wetland remediation component of a Superfund Site located in New Jersey. Read more...

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Project: Slurry Wall Installation
Location: Burlington, New Jersey
Panther was awarded a project to install a 50,000 SF slurry wall at a site adjacent to a Delaware River tributary. Read more...

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Project: Chromium Pigment Plant Decommissioning, Lagoon Closure and In-Situ Reduction of Cr+6 in Groundwater
Location: Slatington, Pennsylvania
Panther provided engineering design and construction management services for a Fortune 500 client in Slatington, Pennsylvania for a multi-phase remediation of a 45-acre former chrome pigment manufacturing site. Read more...

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Project: Installation of Zero-Valent Iron Reactor
Location: Middlesex, New Jersey
Panther assisted the client’s consultant with a constructability review and fast track installation of an innovative storm-water pilot treatment system. The 100-gpm treatment system, installed at the Middlesex, New Jersey facility, consisted of a gravity flow iron filing reactor bed to precipitate and remove dissolved arsenic from storm-water. Read more...

Project: PCB and Septic Cleanup
Location: Parsippany, New Jersey
Panther was awarded a project for a major pharmaceutical company at a site in Parsippany, New Jersey. The project involved the excavation and removal of soils associated with an on-site septic system that had become contaminated with PCBs. In addition, Panther’s crew performed additional services including the removal of several electrical transformers and other ancillary systems. Read more...

Project: Emergency Response to a Fire Site
Location: Bridgeport, Pennsylvania
Following a highly publicized fire at an industrial park, Panther was contracted to perform post fire cleanup operations. The site consisted of over 50 companies that burned to the ground in May 2001, many that housed thousands of containers and drums of hazardous wastes in over 1,000,000 square feet of warehouse space. Read more...

Project: Facility-Wide Decontamination and Remediation Project
Location: Carteret, New Jersey
Panther was contracted to perform facility decontamination, environmental capping and sump removal/restoration services at a facility located in Carteret, New Jersey. The activities included a site survey, decontamination of over 100 process vessels, five miles of process piping, 500,000 square feet of building floors and steel surfaces, pre-characterization of RCRA listed soils, surgical excavation, grading, subgrade installation and compaction, and asphalt capping of the selected areas. Read more...

Project: Installation of Dual Leg SVE System
Location: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Panther completed the pilot testing and installation of subsurface piping, horizontal and vertical wells for a newly designed SVE system being installed on a site in West Philadelphia, Pennsylvania for chlorinated hydrocarbons (PCE/TCE). Read more...

Project: Drum Superfund Site
Location: Tabernacle, New Jersey
Panther was awarded a contract to perform work at a Superfund site in Tabernacle, New Jersey. Core elements of the project included decontamination and demolition of a water treatment facility, excavation and removal of vaults and underground utilities, abandonment of several wells and the deconstruction of an access road. Read more...

Project: Excavation & Off-Site Disposal of Lakebed Sediments and Restoration of Aetna Lakes, The Mirror Lakes and Jackson Memorial Park Wetlands
Location: Medford, New Jersey
As a result of severe flooding during July 2004, several lakes, residential communities and a local park within the Medford Lakes community were impacted by the breaching of a number of dams. In addition, over the 80-year lifespan of the lakes, sediment buildup of greater than 3 feet had converted the lakes into swamps. Read more...

Project: MGP Soil Pile Remediation and LNAPL Recovery and Water Treatment
Location: Manchester, New Jersey
Panther successfully completed remedial activities at a former MGP Stockpile facility in Manchester, New Jersey. The work comprised logistically challenging activities that included the excavation and disposal of 9,300 tons of MGP impacted soils along with dewatering and on-site treatment of approximately 1-million gallons of impacted groundwater. Read more...

Project: Installation of a Gas Venting System at a Superfund Site
Location: Somersworth, New Hampshire
Panther was awarded this combination Site Civil/Mechanical Installation contract to install a Passive Gas Venting System around the Superfund Landfill. Panther was selected over its competition because we were able to demonstrate operation efficiencies that resulted in significant cost savings. Read more...

Project: Post-Dredging Restoration Project
Location: Medford, New Jersey
Panther was contracted to excavate and remove a total of 83,000 cubic yards of lakebed sediments that over the years accumulated in the bottom of one large and three small lakes located in a private residential community. Lakebed excavation was performed up to the limits of residential bulkheads, docks, bridges, culverts and other structures. Access roads were constructed at strategic locations into the lakes to allow for truck loading. Read more...

Project: Complex Excavation and Disposal, In-Situ Oxidation, PCB-DNAPL Contaminated Water Management and Wetlands/Creek Restoration
Location: Englewood, New Jersey
Panther was selected to perform a highly visible excavation and disposal project by a Fortune 500 client. This project involved waste characterization and disposal issues (RCRA and RCRA/TSCA soil and groundwater), as well as complex civil engineering requirements for sheeting, shoring, dewatering and excavating soil to 25’ bgs between an elevated highway and immediately adjacent structures, and the mitigation of construction impacts to neighboring wetlands. Read more...

Project: Chromium Ore Residual Excavation and Disposal plus Capping Services
Location: Multiple Sites
Panther was contracted to provide environmental capping services at multiple sites for this property owner. The work completed by Panther includes storm water drainage pipe installation, man-hole restoration, hot spot waste removal, transportation, grading, planing, liner installation including tri-planer geocomposite installation, asphalt pavement and all survey services. Read more...

Project: Geotextile and Aggregate Cap
Location: Middlesex, New Jersey
Panther was selected to complete an interim cap system for a client located on River Road in Middlesex, New Jersey. The services included the clearing of trees and heavy brush from three (3) areas to be capped which are divided by two (2) active rail lines, the installation of a non-woven geotextile followed by anchoring and capping with an engineered aggregate. Read more...

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Project: Groundwater Leachate Collection System
Location: Edison, New Jersey
Panther was awarded a contract to install a landfill leachate collection and management system for a private client at an NJDEP supervised site in Edison, NJ. Read more...

Project: Installation of Innovative Technology
Location: Middlesex, New Jersey
Panther assisted a consultant with a constructability review and fast track installation of an innovative storm-water pilot treatment system. The 100 gpm treatment system consisted of a gravity flow iron filing reactor bed to precipitate and remove dissolved arsenic from storm-water. Read more...

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Project: Landfill Drainage, Swale and Erosion Control Measures
Location: South Brunswick and Egg Harbor Township, New Jersey
Panther completed implementation of drainage swale repairs and restoration services at former operating landfill sites in Egg Harbor Township and South Brunswick Township, NJ. Read more...

Project: Multiple Bioremediation Applications Using PermeOx® Plus
Location: Various World Wide Applications
Panther is a national distributor of PermeOx® Plus, a slow release oxygen formulation produced by FMC Corporation (FMC). PermeOx® Plus is rapidly gaining recognition as the most effective and cost-efficient oxygen generating formulation on the market today. Read more...

Project: PCB and Lead Soil Stabilization and Remediation
Location: Trenton, New Jersey
Panther was contracted to perform a lead contaminated soil stabilization and offsite disposal project at a former scrap iron processing facility. Several thousand tons of soils were impacted with high lead levels in addition to PCB contamination. Read more...

Project: PCB Remediation Project
Location: South Amboy, New Jersey
Panther was contracted to provide the project management, labor and equipment necessary to complete a turn-key site remediation of a DC electrical substation and railroad-switching yard. Read more...

Project: Segregation, Processing and Disposal of 60 Trailers of Waste
Location: Buena, New Jersey
Panther was contracted to implement a NJDEP approved work plan for the identification, segregation and packaging the contents of 60 trailers of discarded hazardous and non-hazardous vaccine and consumer products (over 15,000 containers) deemed as waste from a project located in Buena, New Jersey. Read more...

Project: Soil Excavation, Characterization and Disposal Services
Location: Various Sites
Panther was contracted to perform a variety of environmental services throughout the Tri-State area including excavating, staging, analyzing, transporting and disposing of petroleum contaminated soils on an emergency basis. Read more...

Project: Soil Excavation, Disposal and HWMU Decontamination
Location: Deer Park, New York
Panther was awarded and successfully completed remedial activities involving twenty AOCs at a former defense electronics manufacturing facility located on Long Island. Panther’s client (the former owner) had this project on a fast track, as it had to be completed prior to occupation by the new owner; both parties desired that the project be completed as quickly as possible. Read more...

Project: Soil and Sediment Remediation partially within Wetlands plus Capping
Location: Collegeville, Pennsylvania
Panther completed implementation of soil and sediment corrective measures at four (4) solid waste management units (SWMUs) located at an active manufacturing facility, which included remediation within a GP-4 permitted areas. Read more...

Project: UST Closure and Related Demolition Services
Location: Conshohocken, Pennsylvania
Panther was contracted to remove four (4) underground storage tanks and demolish related valve and pump houses in West Conshohocken, PA. Two (2) 10,000 gallon and two (2) 5,000 gallon underground storage tanks required desludging, cleaning and removal. The tanks formerly contained a variety of corrosive and flammable wastes. Read more...

Project: Former Mt. Holly Gas Works
Location: Mount Holly, New Jersey
As a pre-selected remediation contractor for a confidential utility client, Panther successfully completed remedial activities at a former MGP facility in Mt. Holly, New Jersey. Read more...

Project: UST Removal
Location: Lancaster, Pennsylvania; Dover, New Jersey
Panther was contracted to remove one (1) 10,000 gallon No. 2 fuel oil tank from a newly acquired piece of property for the client. The services were completed in two (2) days and included the tank cleaning, removal, and backfilling and carcass disposal. Panther collected post removal soil samples, lined the excavation and backfilled with certified clean fill the same day. Read more...

Project: Excavation and Segregation on PCB Impacted Soils
Location: New Brunswick, New Jersey
Panther was contracted, under the name Philip Services, to surgically excavate and segregate PCB impacted in the soils from between a laboratory and production building located on a Bristol Myers site in New Brunswick, New Jersey. Read more...

Project: PCB Drum Dump Site
Location: Aliquippa, Pennsylvania
Panther was awarded the contract for the removal of RCRA and TSCA regulated wastes, wetland restoration and stream bank stabilization at the H. K. Porter Drum Dump Site in Aliquippa, Pennsylvania. Read more...

Project: Excavation and Off-Site Disposal of Contaminated Soils
Location: Highland Park, New Jersey
Panther performed remediation services at a former electrical manufacturing facility with organic and inorganic contaminated soils and groundwater. The AOC’s on this project were impacted with PCB’s, Polyaromatic Hydrocarbons and metals at concentrations above the NJDEP Residential Direct Contact Cleanup Criteria. Read more...

Project: Soil Excavation, Segregation, Solidification and Disposal
Location: Jamesburg, New Jersey
Panther was contracted to remove approximately 1,500 yards of soil and debris from a proposed residential healthcare site located in Jamesburg, New Jersey. Read more...

Project: Excavation and Off-Site Disposal of Contaminated Soils
Location: Newark, New Jersey
This project involved the excavation, staging, stockpiling, transportation and disposal of soil contaminated with bis-(2-ethylhexyl) phthalates, PCB's and petroleum hydrocarbons. The work was performed at a facility that formerly conducted polyvinyl chloride compounding operations. Read more...

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Project: Remediation of a Former Rail Siding and Railroad Bridge
Location: Washington, DC
Panther was awarded a contract for the remediation of a former rail siding and railroad bridge in the heart of downtown Washington, DC. The former railroad bridge was being incorporated into the construction of a new luxury hotel complex and was planned to be the walkway from the parking lot to the hotel. Read more...

Project: Removal of 23 AST’s, Building Demolition and Soil Remediation
Location: Newark, New Jersey
Panther was selected to perform demolition and soil remediation at the 120 year old Fiske Brothers Refining Company site in Newark, New Jersey. Read more...

Project: Soil Excavation, Backfilling and Soil Restoration
Location: Linden, New Jersey
Panther was contracted to perform contaminated soil excavation, decommissioning of an SVE system, monitoring well closures, backfilling and site restoration services in Linden, NJ. Read more...

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Project: Remediation of Former MGP Site
Location: Central New Jersey
As one of five contractors selected by a confidential utility client for their MGP Remedial Services Program, Panther was awarded a project to provide test pitting and soil and drum removal services during separate mobilizations to a former MGP site in Central NJ in 2003 and 2004. Read more...

Project: Bass River Wetland Mitigation Project
Location: Bass River, New Jersey
Panther was awarded a contract to perform wetland mitigation work at the Bass River Wetlands Mitigation Site. The client selected Panther based on our professional experience at multiple other complex wetland sites, and our ability to satisfy owners, regulatory agencies and local authorities while adhering to permit requirements. Read more...

Project: Excavation, Ex-Situ and In-Situ Chemical Oxidation, Reuse of Soils on Site and Wetlands Recontruction
Location: Morris Plains, New Jersey
Soils and groundwater at the site had become contaminated with levels of perchloroethylene (PCE) and trichloroethylene (TCE) at concentrations in excess of 20,000 mg/kg combined, significantly above risk-based remedial standards. Because the PCE and TCE in soil presented an ongoing source of groundwater contamination, soil remediation was a top remedial priority at the site. The initial unsaturated soil remedy proposed for this site included in-situ, enhanced anaerobic reductive dehalogenation. Read more...

Project: In-Situ Chemical Oxidation of Soil and Groundwater Using Permanganate
Location: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Panther completed in-situ soil mixing of approximately 5,000 tons of soil using potassium permanganate at a site in West Philadelphia, Pennsylvania for chlorinated hydrocarbons (PCE/TCE). Read more...

Task 45_01092009_104742.JPG
Project: Hexavalent Chromium Remediation – Multiple Sites
Location: Hudson County, New Jersey
Panther provided key technical and strategic input as a member of a high-level Advisory Committee to this Fortune 500 Company on a number of sites contaminated with hexavalent chromium in the form of chromium ore processing residual (COPR). Read more...

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Project: Remediation of PCE in Soils
Location: Newark, New Jersey
Following site mobilization, the installation of soil erosion and sediment control measures and the demolition and removal of 900 tons of concrete & asphalt, Panther set-up an on-site water treatment system consisting of granular activated carbon units, bag filters and five (5) 21,000-gallon Frac-style tanks. Read more...

Project: Stipson’s Island Wetlands Mitigation Bank
Location: Dennis Township, New Jersey
Panther was awarded a contract to perform wetland mitigation work at the Stipson’s Island Wetlands Mitigation Site in Dennis Township, New Jersey. Read more...

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