Project Summaries

Landfill / Lagoon

Project: Pond and Stream Remediation, Restoration and Stabilization
Location: Ewing, New Jersey
Panther completed a soils excavation, stabilization and disposal project conducted primarily in multiple wetland areas of the approximate 80 acre site. Read more...

Project: Interim Cap Repair & Replacement RCRA Impoundment
Location: Bridgewater, NJ
Panther was contracted to install a new HDPE interim liner cover over a 6+ acre portion of a RCRA impoundment containing waste materials previously excavated from other portions of the 575 acre superfund site in Bridgewater, NJ. Read more...

Project: Landfill Cap
Location: Toms River, New Jersey
Panther was awarded a contract to provide environmental capping and other services for an industrial waste landfill located on the coast of southern New Jersey near Toms River. Read more...

Project: Illinois EPA Cap Project
Location: Rosiclare, Illinois
Panther was contracted to install a 3-acre multilayer environmental cap system over a lead contaminated mine tailings area for this client in Rosiclare, Illinois. The project was completed from October though December 2000 and liner-welding services were performed utilizing special winter techniques, which allowed Panther to complete the project before the end of the year. Read more...

Project: Debris Collections, Security and Cap Preparation Services
Location: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Panther was contracted to provide select clearing, fencing and general cleanup of the former ESB location adjacent to a retail plaza and major manufacturing operations on Tabor Road in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Read more...

Project: Chromium Ore Residual Excavation and Disposal plus Capping Services
Location: Multiple Sites
Panther was contracted to provide environmental capping services at multiple sites for this property owner. The work completed by Panther includes storm water drainage pipe installation, man-hole restoration, hot spot waste removal, transportation, grading, planing, liner installation including tri-planer geocomposite installation, asphalt pavement and all survey services. Read more...

Project: Geotextile and Aggregate Cap
Location: Middlesex, New Jersey
Panther was selected to complete an interim cap system for a client located on River Road in Middlesex, New Jersey. The services included the clearing of trees and heavy brush from three (3) areas to be capped which are divided by two (2) active rail lines, the installation of a non-woven geotextile followed by anchoring and capping with an engineered aggregate. Read more...

BFI 23_01092009_092158.jpg
Project: Landfill Drainage, Swale and Erosion Control Measures
Location: South Brunswick and Egg Harbor Township, New Jersey
Panther completed implementation of drainage swale repairs and restoration services at former operating landfill sites in Egg Harbor Township and South Brunswick Township, NJ. Read more...

Project: PCB and Lead Soil Stabilization and Remediation
Location: Trenton, New Jersey
Panther was contracted to perform a lead contaminated soil stabilization and offsite disposal project at a former scrap iron processing facility. Several thousand tons of soils were impacted with high lead levels in addition to PCB contamination. Read more...

Project: PCB Remediation Project
Location: South Amboy, New Jersey
Panther was contracted to provide the project management, labor and equipment necessary to complete a turn-key site remediation of a DC electrical substation and railroad-switching yard. Read more...

Project: Facility-Wide Decontamination and Remediation Project
Location: Carteret, New Jersey
Panther was contracted to perform facility decontamination, environmental capping and sump removal/restoration services at a facility located in Carteret, New Jersey. The activities included a site survey, decontamination of over 100 process vessels, five miles of process piping, 500,000 square feet of building floors and steel surfaces, pre-characterization of RCRA listed soils, surgical excavation, grading, subgrade installation and compaction, and asphalt capping of the selected areas. Read more...

Project: Excavation, Ex-Situ and In-Situ Chemical Oxidation, Reuse of Soils on Site and Wetlands Recontruction
Location: Morris Plains, New Jersey
Soils and groundwater at the site had become contaminated with levels of perchloroethylene (PCE) and trichloroethylene (TCE) at concentrations in excess of 20,000 mg/kg combined, significantly above risk-based remedial standards. Because the PCE and TCE in soil presented an ongoing source of groundwater contamination, soil remediation was a top remedial priority at the site. The initial unsaturated soil remedy proposed for this site included in-situ, enhanced anaerobic reductive dehalogenation. Read more...

Project: Installation of a Gas Venting System at a Superfund Site
Location: Somersworth, New Hampshire
Panther was awarded this combination Site Civil/Mechanical Installation contract to install a Passive Gas Venting System around the Superfund Landfill. Panther was selected over its competition because we were able to demonstrate operation efficiencies that resulted in significant cost savings. Read more...

Task 23_01092009_110206.JPG
Project: Groundwater Leachate Collection System
Location: Edison, New Jersey
Panther was awarded a contract to install a landfill leachate collection and management system for a private client at an NJDEP supervised site in Edison, NJ. Read more...

Task 43_01092009_100115.JPG
Project: Chromium Pigment Plant Decommissioning, Lagoon Closure and In-Situ Reduction of Cr+6 in Groundwater
Location: Slatington, Pennsylvania
Panther provided engineering design and construction management services for a Fortune 500 client in Slatington, Pennsylvania for a multi-phase remediation of a 45-acre former chrome pigment manufacturing site. Read more...

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