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Project: SVOC/Metals/PCB Impacted Soils
Location: New Jersey
Panther performed remedial excavation of non-hazardous, SVOC/metals/PCB impacted soil from a former industrial chemical facility in New Jersey. The site was subject to New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (NJDEP) guidance for cleanup required by the Industrial Site Recovery Act (ISRA) prior to a pending property transaction for brownfield redevelopment. Through 100 years of site use for industrial chemical manufacture, the property became impacted with various COCs, including VOCs, SVOCs/PAHs, metals, and petroleum hydrocarbons residuals. Read more...

Project: Oxidation and Anaerobic Reduction
Location: Malta, Ohio
Based upon previous work for this client at other facilities in New England, Panther was sole sourced to evaluate the potential of utilizing a combination of in-situ chemical oxidation (ISCO) and in-situ enhanced anaerobic dehalogenation to reduce contaminant concentrations in groundwater at the client’s facility in Ohio. Read more...

Project: In-Situ Bioremediation
Location: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Panther provided personnel and equipment for the procurement of 1,060 gallons of emulsified vegetable oil product EOS B42 and mixing and injection of 23,000 gallons of dilute EOS B42 bioremediation solution into pre-existing injection wells. Read more...

Project: In-Situ Bioremediation – Wurtsmith Air Force Base
Location: Oscoda, Michigan
Panther provided personnel and equipment for the procurement, mixing and injection of 2,940 gallons of emulsified vegetable oil product EOS B42 at Wurtsmith Air Force Base in Oscoda, Michigan. Read more...

Project: Chemical Oxidation at a Bridge Building Site
Location: Driftwood, Pennsylvania
Panther was awarded and mobilized a six man crew equipped with level B/C emergency response systems to perform a chemical oxidation project at the base of an active bridge building project in Driftwood, Pennsylvania. Read more...

Project: Installation of ZVI PRB via In-Situ Soil Mixing
Location: Torrington, Connecticut
Panther successfully completed remedial activities at a former manufacturing facility located in central Connecticut. The primary objective of the project was the creation of a Permeable Reactive Barrier (PRB) via in-place mixing of Zero Valent Iron (ZVI) with contaminated soil in the water table aquifer to treat residual contamination. Read more...

Project: Steam Enhanced LNAPL/CVOC Extraction
Location: Danville, Pennsylvania
Panther was contracted to design, install and operate a steam enhanced soil and groundwater vapor extraction system to recover separate phase LNAPL and DNAPL impacting 55,000 CY at a former automotive manufacturing facility. The remedy designed and installed included one hundred twenty four 2-inch stainless steel injection wells and forty three 4-inch stainless steel extraction wells to a maximum depth of 40-feet bgs. Read more...

Task 47_01092009_104842.JPG
Project: In-Situ ChemOx of Fuel Oil
Location: Columbia Lakes, New Jersey
Panther was contracted to treat residual fuel oil contamination that was adsorbed to unsaturated and saturated soils in the rear of a potable drinking water plant located in Columbia Lakes, New Jersey. Read more...

Task 48_01092009_104543.JPG
Project: In-Situ ChemOx followed by Enhanced Reductive Dechlorination
Location: Maine
Panther was contracted to perform an extensive amount of work on the UCC Superfund site, a former chemical manufacturing, solvent recovery, and hazardous waste treatment facility, which is situated on 2.5-acres. The geology consisted of a clay-rich, 10-foot thick shallow fill/disturbed zone overlying 50 feet of poorly conductive glacial till, extending down to bedrock. Read more...

Task 55_01092009_104658.JPG
Project: In-Situ Chromium VI Reduction utilizing Calcium Polysulfide
Location: Baltimore, Maryland
Panther was sole sourced to provide project management and construction service for the installation of an in-situ Chromium VI reduction system at an active industrial facility located in Baltimore, Maryland. Read more...

Task 59_01092009_104254.jpg
Project: ChemOx and PCE Contaminated Soil and Groundwater
Location: Levittown, Pennsylvania
Panther was contracted to complete the remediation of PCE and TCE impacted groundwater and smear zone contamination at a property intended for redevelopment near Levittown, Pennsylvania. Read more...

Task 62_01092009_104433.JPG
Project: Installation of Enhanced Reductive Dechlorination System
Location: Eatontown, New Jersey
Panther implemented an enhanced reductive de-chlorination approach to complement cleanup of dissolved phase chlorinated organics in groundwater at a client facility in Northern New Jersey. Read more...

Task 64_01092009_105533.JPG
Project: In-Situ Oxidation Using Sodium and Potassium Permanganate
Location: Quincy, Massachusetts
Panther’s team, along with other national experts, were retained to evaluate a facility closure project that required remediation of Chlorinated Solvents. The system involved the design and implementation of a full-scale, but phased, in-situ oxidation program. Read more...

Task 66_01092009_110014.JPG
Project: In-Situ Stabilization and Solidification
Location: Great Meadows, New Jersey
Panther performed in-situ stabilization of metals contaminated soils and sludge as part of a larger remediation project. Treatment studies determined that Portland cement would be the agent of choice for stabilizing the sludge and sediments found in the four lagoons, each being approximately 1/2-acre and 8-ft deep. Read more...

Task 45_01092009_104742.JPG
Project: Hexavalent Chromium Remediation – Multiple Sites
Location: Hudson County, New Jersey
Panther provided key technical and strategic input as a member of a high-level Advisory Committee to this Fortune 500 Company on a number of sites contaminated with hexavalent chromium in the form of chromium ore processing residual (COPR). Read more...

Task 43_01092009_100115.JPG
Project: Chromium Pigment Plant Decommissioning, Lagoon Closure and In-Situ Reduction of Cr+6 in Groundwater
Location: Slatington, Pennsylvania
Panther provided engineering design and construction management services for a Fortune 500 client in Slatington, Pennsylvania for a multi-phase remediation of a 45-acre former chrome pigment manufacturing site. Read more...

Task 42_01092009_101446.jpg
Project: Installation of Zero-Valent Iron Reactor
Location: Middlesex, New Jersey
Panther assisted the client’s consultant with a constructability review and fast track installation of an innovative storm-water pilot treatment system. The 100-gpm treatment system, installed at the Middlesex, New Jersey facility, consisted of a gravity flow iron filing reactor bed to precipitate and remove dissolved arsenic from storm-water. Read more...

Task 10_01232009_081608.JPG
Project: In-Situ Remediation of PCE & TCE in Groundwater Using Sodium and Potassium Permanganate
Location: Morris Plains, New Jersey
Panther was contracted to design and install an ISCO system and a 100-gpm extraction/treatment system to remediate impacted shallow and deep aquifers at a site. As a component of the remedy, a number of oxidant recipes were bench tested including Fenton’s activated persulfate and sodium/potassium permanganate. Read more...

Task 12a_01232009_082356.jpg
Project: Soil Vapor Extraction System
Location: Paterson, New Jersey
Panther was awarded through competitive bid the installation of a large SVE system at a former chemical manufacturing facility located in Paterson, New Jersey. The installation includes 160,000 linear feet of HDPE pipe with sizes ranging from 1.5” to 12” in diameter. Read more...

Project: Excavation, Ex-Situ and In-Situ Chemical Oxidation, Reuse of Soils on Site and Wetlands Recontruction
Location: Morris Plains, New Jersey
Soils and groundwater at the site had become contaminated with levels of perchloroethylene (PCE) and trichloroethylene (TCE) at concentrations in excess of 20,000 mg/kg combined, significantly above risk-based remedial standards. Because the PCE and TCE in soil presented an ongoing source of groundwater contamination, soil remediation was a top remedial priority at the site. The initial unsaturated soil remedy proposed for this site included in-situ, enhanced anaerobic reductive dehalogenation. Read more...

Project: In-Situ Chemical Oxidation of Soil and Groundwater Using Permanganate
Location: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Panther completed in-situ soil mixing of approximately 5,000 tons of soil using potassium permanganate at a site in West Philadelphia, Pennsylvania for chlorinated hydrocarbons (PCE/TCE). Read more...

Project: Chemical Oxidation of PCE Contaminated Soil and Groundwater
Location: Roselle, New Jersey
Panther designed and implemented a subsurface chemical oxidation injection system consisting of six horizontal injection galleries and 60 vertical injection wells arranged in 13 discreet zones for injection. Prior to installation of the injection system, Panther completed an oxidation bench test to determine the natural oxidant demand of site soil and groundwater, and to compare multiple oxidant mixtures and dosages to determine which oxidant would result in the highest target contaminant reduction. Read more...

Project: Hydraulically Controlled, In-Situ Chemical Oxidation of a TCE and TCA Source in Groundwater using Sodium Persulfate and Sodium Permangante
Location: Fairfield, New Jersey
A mixed trichloroethene (TCE) and trichloroethane (TCA) contaminant plume was discovered in groundwater below a 360,000 square foot building previously used for manufacturing. A pre-design investigation (PDI) was conducted to fill data gaps and ensure that sufficient data was available to evaluate and design the remedial technology. Read more...

Project: In-Situ Chemical Oxidation followed by Enhanced Reductive Dechlorination
Location: Elizabeth, New Jersey
Panther’s team developed an approach to remediate a concentrated area of groundwater contaminated with chlorinated solvents where dual phase extraction (DPE) was originally planned. Due to much stricter requirements for treated effluent (DSW), the originally designed and constructed DPE treatment system could not be used. The site was an active facility with heavy truck traffic in the area requiring remediation. After evaluating several alternatives, in-situ chemical oxidation was selected as the most viable alternative. Read more...

maywood 1_10132010_112341.jpg
Project: In-Situ Biological Treatment of TCE, SVOCs in Unsaturated Soils Using Bio and Down Gradient Plume Treatment Using Phytoremediation
Location: Maywood, New Jersey
Panther’s team was contracted to design and implement an in-situ biological treatment system for a low lying area of an active industrial facility that was formerly known as one of the Brooklyn sites. Based on its former use, an added safety issue involved low-level radiation from previous operations at the site. Read more...

Project: Solvent Enhanced In-Situ Chemical Oxidation Pilot
Location: New York State
Panther was sole sourced to implement a large pilot demonstration project using a newly developed solvent enhanced chemical oxidation formula for a New York based utility company at one of their major MGP sites and the NYSDEC. Read more...

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