Project Summaries

Industrial / Mechanical

Project: SVOC/Metals/PCB Impacted Soils
Location: New Jersey
Panther performed remedial excavation of non-hazardous, SVOC/metals/PCB impacted soil from a former industrial chemical facility in New Jersey. The site was subject to New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (NJDEP) guidance for cleanup required by the Industrial Site Recovery Act (ISRA) prior to a pending property transaction for brownfield redevelopment. Through 100 years of site use for industrial chemical manufacture, the property became impacted with various COCs, including VOCs, SVOCs/PAHs, metals, and petroleum hydrocarbons residuals. Read more...

Project: Installation of Leachate Collection System
Location: Mount Holly, New Jersey
Panther constructed a fully automated leachate collection, monitoring and control system capable of handling flow rates of over up to 120 gpm at a facility in Mt. Holly, NJ. Panther performed all phases of construction activities including lay-out, equipment procurement, excavation, above and below grade mechanical piping, pump installation, electrical, controls and instrumentation, site restoration, system start-up and programming and operator training. Read more...

Project: AST and Piping Cleaning, Closure and Dismantlement
Location: Elizabeth, New Jersey
Panther was contracted to clean and degas two (2) aboveground storage tanks, piping and pumps at a facility in Elizabeth, New Jersey. The client required the closure of the 70,000-gallon and 30,000-gallon tanks, which were in No. 4 oil service, but formerly contained No. 6. Read more...

Project: Underground Vault Cleanout and Inspection
Location: Frazer, Pennsylvania
Panther was contracted to desludge six (6) underground storage tanks at the Alex Ferguson Company (AFCO) Frazer, Pennsylvania operation. Panther assisted the client in the removal and disposal of surcharge water from each tank. Read more...

Project: Underground Vault Clean Out/Carbon Change Out Services
Location: York, Pennsylvania
Panther was contracted to desludge one (1) 100,000-gallon underground basin at the Osram Sylvania operation in York, Pennsylvania. Panther had previously changed out three (3) 2,000 pound TCE carbon scrubber units during a separate mobilization. Read more...

Project: Installation of Dual Leg SVE System
Location: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Panther completed the pilot testing and installation of subsurface piping, horizontal and vertical wells for a newly designed SVE system being installed on a site in West Philadelphia, Pennsylvania for chlorinated hydrocarbons (PCE/TCE). Read more...

Project: Installation of a Gas Venting System at a Superfund Site
Location: Somersworth, New Hampshire
Panther was awarded this combination Site Civil/Mechanical Installation contract to install a Passive Gas Venting System around the Superfund Landfill. Panther was selected over its competition because we were able to demonstrate operation efficiencies that resulted in significant cost savings. Read more...

Task 23_01092009_110206.JPG
Project: Groundwater Leachate Collection System
Location: Edison, New Jersey
Panther was awarded a contract to install a landfill leachate collection and management system for a private client at an NJDEP supervised site in Edison, NJ. Read more...

Project: PCB Transformer Removal Project
Location: Watervleit, New York
Panther was contracted to perform the management and disposal of 19 PCB transformers located at a former steel manufacturing operation located in Watervliet, New York. The services included de-energizing, pumping and flushing of the units and decontamination of PCB laden concrete surfaces using conventional decon methods. Read more...

Project: Plating Line Decommissioning Project
Location: Sellersville, Pennsylvania
Panther was contracted to remove and clean alkaline salts from various dip, strip and cleaner tanks located in Sellersville, Pennsylvania. The project was completed over a two day period and involved creating access points to remove ten (10) cubic yards of caustic salts from the various tanks. Read more...

Project: Soil Excavation, Characterization and Disposal Services
Location: Various Sites
Panther was contracted to perform a variety of environmental services throughout the Tri-State area including excavating, staging, analyzing, transporting and disposing of petroleum contaminated soils on an emergency basis. Read more...

Project: UST Closure and Related Demolition Services
Location: Conshohocken, Pennsylvania
Panther was contracted to remove four (4) underground storage tanks and demolish related valve and pump houses in West Conshohocken, PA. Two (2) 10,000 gallon and two (2) 5,000 gallon underground storage tanks required desludging, cleaning and removal. The tanks formerly contained a variety of corrosive and flammable wastes. Read more...

Project: UST Removal
Location: Lancaster, Pennsylvania; Dover, New Jersey
Panther was contracted to remove one (1) 10,000 gallon No. 2 fuel oil tank from a newly acquired piece of property for the client. The services were completed in two (2) days and included the tank cleaning, removal, and backfilling and carcass disposal. Panther collected post removal soil samples, lined the excavation and backfilled with certified clean fill the same day. Read more...

Task 47_01092009_104842.JPG
Project: In-Situ ChemOx of Fuel Oil
Location: Columbia Lakes, New Jersey
Panther was contracted to treat residual fuel oil contamination that was adsorbed to unsaturated and saturated soils in the rear of a potable drinking water plant located in Columbia Lakes, New Jersey. Read more...

Project: Decontamination and Demolition of Process Vessels, Piping and Structures
Location: Woodbridge, New Jersey
Panther was contracted to provide targeted decontamination and demolition services at a personal and industrial hygiene products manufacturing facility in Woodbridge, New Jersey. Read more...

Project: Emergency Response to a Fire Site
Location: Bridgeport, Pennsylvania
Following a highly publicized fire at an industrial park, Panther was contracted to perform post fire cleanup operations. The site consisted of over 50 companies that burned to the ground in May 2001, many that housed thousands of containers and drums of hazardous wastes in over 1,000,000 square feet of warehouse space. Read more...

Project: Soil Excavation, Disposal and HWMU Decontamination
Location: Deer Park, New York
Panther was awarded and successfully completed remedial activities involving twenty AOCs at a former defense electronics manufacturing facility located on Long Island. Pantherís client (the former owner) had this project on a fast track, as it had to be completed prior to occupation by the new owner; both parties desired that the project be completed as quickly as possible. Read more...

Project: Removal of 23 ASTís, Building Demolition and Soil Remediation
Location: Newark, New Jersey
Panther was selected to perform demolition and soil remediation at the 120 year old Fiske Brothers Refining Company site in Newark, New Jersey. Read more...

Task 65_01092009_095525.jpg
Project: Remediation of Former MGP Site
Location: Central New Jersey
As one of five contractors selected by a confidential utility client for their MGP Remedial Services Program, Panther was awarded a project to provide test pitting and soil and drum removal services during separate mobilizations to a former MGP site in Central NJ in 2003 and 2004. Read more...

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