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Project: Emergency Response to a Fire Site
Location: Bridgeport, Pennsylvania
Following a highly publicized fire at an industrial park, Panther was contracted to perform post fire cleanup operations. The site consisted of over 50 companies that burned to the ground in May 2001, many that housed thousands of containers and drums of hazardous wastes in over 1,000,000 square feet of warehouse space. Read more...

Project: WWTP Decontamination and Decommissioning
Location: Princeton Junction, New Jersey
Panther was contracted to decommission an abandoned 1.0 MGD waste water treatment plant consisting of five (5) underground process vessels, various pipes, and treatment buildings located in Princeton Junction, New Jersey. Read more...

Project: Semiconductor Facility Clean Room Dismantlement
Location: Warren, New Jersey
Panther provided turnkey decontamination and decommissioning services under an extremely tight project schedule for the decommissioning of various toxic compressed gases and hazardous contaminated processing equipment with a Class 100 clean room at a semiconductor facility in Warren, New Jersey. Read more...

Project: PCB Transformer Removal Project
Location: Watervleit, New York
Panther was contracted to perform the management and disposal of 19 PCB transformers located at a former steel manufacturing operation located in Watervliet, New York. The services included de-energizing, pumping and flushing of the units and decontamination of PCB laden concrete surfaces using conventional decon methods. Read more...

Project: Plating Line Decommissioning Project
Location: Sellersville, Pennsylvania
Panther was contracted to remove and clean alkaline salts from various dip, strip and cleaner tanks located in Sellersville, Pennsylvania. The project was completed over a two day period and involved creating access points to remove ten (10) cubic yards of caustic salts from the various tanks. Read more...

Project: Decontamination and Demolition of Process Vessels, Piping and Structures
Location: Woodbridge, New Jersey
Panther was contracted to provide targeted decontamination and demolition services at a personal and industrial hygiene products manufacturing facility in Woodbridge, New Jersey. Read more...

Project: PCB Drum Dump Site
Location: Aliquippa, Pennsylvania
Panther was awarded the contract for the removal of RCRA and TSCA regulated wastes, wetland restoration and stream bank stabilization at the H. K. Porter Drum Dump Site in Aliquippa, Pennsylvania. Read more...

Project: Excavation and Segregation on PCB Impacted Soils
Location: New Brunswick, New Jersey
Panther was contracted, under the name Philip Services, to surgically excavate and segregate PCB impacted in the soils from between a laboratory and production building located on a Bristol Myers site in New Brunswick, New Jersey. Read more...

Project: Excavation and Off-Site Disposal of Contaminated Soils
Location: Highland Park, New Jersey
Panther performed remediation services at a former electrical manufacturing facility with organic and inorganic contaminated soils and groundwater. The AOCís on this project were impacted with PCBís, Polyaromatic Hydrocarbons and metals at concentrations above the NJDEP Residential Direct Contact Cleanup Criteria. Read more...

Project: Facility Decontamination and Demolition
Location: Barrington, New Jersey
Panther provided personnel and equipment for the abatement and demolition of various loading docks and structures in Barrington, New Jersey. The work included the removal of two (2) loading docks, the cleanup of lead chips throughout a 300,000 SF warehouse space and the recycling and disposal of various waste materials including PCB contaminated transformers and concrete pads at the redeveloped property. Read more...

Project: Drum Superfund Site
Location: Tabernacle, New Jersey
Panther was awarded a contract to perform work at a Superfund site in Tabernacle, New Jersey. Core elements of the project included decontamination and demolition of a water treatment facility, excavation and removal of vaults and underground utilities, abandonment of several wells and the deconstruction of an access road. Read more...

Project: Facility-Wide Decontamination and Remediation Project
Location: Carteret, New Jersey
Panther was contracted to perform facility decontamination, environmental capping and sump removal/restoration services at a facility located in Carteret, New Jersey. The activities included a site survey, decontamination of over 100 process vessels, five miles of process piping, 500,000 square feet of building floors and steel surfaces, pre-characterization of RCRA listed soils, surgical excavation, grading, subgrade installation and compaction, and asphalt capping of the selected areas. Read more...

Project: Soil Excavation, Disposal and HWMU Decontamination
Location: Deer Park, New York
Panther was awarded and successfully completed remedial activities involving twenty AOCs at a former defense electronics manufacturing facility located on Long Island. Pantherís client (the former owner) had this project on a fast track, as it had to be completed prior to occupation by the new owner; both parties desired that the project be completed as quickly as possible. Read more...

Project: Removal of 23 ASTís, Building Demolition and Soil Remediation
Location: Newark, New Jersey
Panther was selected to perform demolition and soil remediation at the 120 year old Fiske Brothers Refining Company site in Newark, New Jersey. Read more...

Task 43_01092009_100115.JPG
Project: Chromium Pigment Plant Decommissioning, Lagoon Closure and In-Situ Reduction of Cr+6 in Groundwater
Location: Slatington, Pennsylvania
Panther provided engineering design and construction management services for a Fortune 500 client in Slatington, Pennsylvania for a multi-phase remediation of a 45-acre former chrome pigment manufacturing site. Read more...

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