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Matthew Vetter

Technical Specialties

Project Management. Cost Estimating and Formal Bidding. Reporting. Quality Control Management. Health and Safety. Perimeter Air Monitoring. Project Scientist.

Experience Summary

7 years of experience in the environmental field including Cost Estimating and Formal Bidding, reporting, Remedial activities and field Management. Experienced staff scientist in numerous small field activities and reporting.


  • Bachelor of Science, Biology, Salisbury University (MD), 2007
  • Bachelor of Science, Environmental and Marine, Science, University of Maryland Eastern Shore, 2007
  • 40-Hour. OSHA Training and Annual 8-Hour Refreshers
  • 8-hr Supervisors Training
  • HAZCOM Training

Key Projects

  • Quality Control Manager and Health and Safety Officer for a 350,000 cubic yard in-situ sludge stabilization project. During the six months on site, no OSHA recordable injuries occurred at the site. The work utilized four crews of union craft labor dry-mixing cement in the pre-determined cells to reach the required UCS design strength. Worked closely with the site supervisor, project management, and union representatives to insure that work was being completed safely. Responsible for the project quality aspects including sampling, working with 3rd party inspectors, and suggesting improvements to means and methods.
  • Project Manager for an environmental remediation of Manufactured Gas Products. The remedial methods included removal of upper surface material for disposal. After removal the site was laid out into cells which were treated using In-Situ Stabilization. During the remediation various utilities required removal and replacement. Many of the utilities also required bypasses as the current functionality of the site was for a private utility company as an office building.

    Responsible for overseeing the contractor’s work and insuring the work was being done safely and in accordance with the Construction Bid Specifications and Engineered Drawings. Reviewed invoices and change orders and reporting to client project management on any issues at the site. Communicated with client site representatives to make them aware of the work going on at the site and implement safety measures to protect everyone on site. Daily activities included interacting with the contactor’s management team to discuss the planned work for the day, observe work to make sure it was done safely and correctly, create and review daily reports, interact with the health and safety officer and perimeter air monitoring technician to insure the work being done will not have any adverse effects to the workers at the site or the surround public.
  • Onsite full time as the client’s representative during the remediation of VOC impacted soils from previous plant activities. The Site was formerly used as a manufacturer of fragrances and had been shut down in the early 1990s. The remedial activities included transportation and disposal of contaminated soil, lead stabilization of soil on site, soil reuse on site, and removal and replacement of a 18”-21” combined sewer line. Responsible for the tracking of all daily field activities, disposal of materials, and materials brought on site by the contractor. One of the challenges with this job was the various layers of hazardous soil and non-hazardous soil. Soil going off site was designated to go to three different separate facilities. This was a major risk for the client to insure that the correct material was excavated and sent to the proper disposal facilities. In close coordination with the contactor, used GPS to continually mark out excavation boundaries for the different soil classifications. This lead to load out quantities to be tracked daily and allow the client to be updated daily with what material had left the site. On call 24 hours a day for any issues with the temporary bypass sewer line which serviced a large portion of New Brunswick, NJ. Also in charge of communication with regulators and local officials that came to the site and responsible for the health and safety at the site during the work. During the duration of the job approximately 7 months of work no injuries or OSHA recordable occurred at the site. Assisted in compiling the Remedial Action Report after completion of the work activities. This included putting together tables and figures for post-excavation samples, compaction testing, transportation load out, and backfill.
  • Project Manager for the remedial activities of a pipeline spill that occurred along the New Jersey Turnpike. The initial cleanup was handled by emergency response and the supplemental cleanup was completed to adhere to the New Jersey Residential Clean Up Criteria. The cleanup involved oversight from the NJDEP as well as the NJTPA. Worked closely with the Insurance Agent and the Insured to make sure the remediation stayed on budget and that issues with the NJDEP and NJTPA authority were handled appropriately. Despite numerous issues with site set up, permits, and the NJTPA, Mr. Vetter worked with the contractor to insure all parties were satisfied with final project and cost. Responsible for the tracking of all materials, load out, site team hours, and any complaints/issues at the site.
  • Onsite full time as the client’s representative during the remediation of PCB impacted soils from previous plant activities. The Site was formerly used as a manufacturer of fragrances and had been shut down in the early 1990s. Assumed responsibillity as Construction Oversight during the project by the client do to staffing issues at the site and assumed responsibility for overseeing all the daily field activities from the contractor. The client in conjunction with the PCB removal also implemented removal of small pockets of other contamination and the installation of an interceptor trench. Tracked change orders to insure the client was billed correctly the equipment and labor usage during any activities that were outside the base contract. Ensured the contactor’s health and safety plan was being adhered to on site. The work being done was primarily on very steep banks along a creek that ran through the middle of the site. Insured that the laborers and operators minimized the risk factors at the site and no accidents happened during the job. Responsible for the tracking of various waste streams at the site to insure that waste streams were not comingled and were sent to the proper disposal facility. Awarded the quarterly safety award for his company for the safe completion of this work.
  • Project Scientist for reporting on the impacts of the Deep Water Horizon oil spill working closely with government agencies from the federal and state level to complete investigations along the Gulf Coast from Louisiana to Florida. Instrumental on having an efficient team and worked with local guides and providers to insure that his team completed tasks and were always willing to take on a greater responsibility. Due to staffing issues at another project, he did not get to continue his work for the project past his first rotation. Both the client and co-workers reached out to his local office numerous times during and after the spill to try and bring him back down to the Gulf Coast to complete investigational and cleanup work on the spill.

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