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Allan Thomas, P.E.

Technical Specialties

AST/UST Services, Health and Safety, Site Remediation, LNAPL/DNAPL Media at Environmental Sites Including COPR Metals, PCB, Volatile and MGP Contaminated Sites. MGP Construction Management Including Design and Installation of a Chemical Injection, Monitoring, Observation and Recovery Wells System.

Experience Summary

31 years experience: Senior Resident Engineer/Senior Project Manager/Engineer for ERM, Roux Associates, Inc. and Ocean County Utilities Authority. Responsible for the office and field management of fifty investigative and remediation projects at sites throughout the country including twenty in New Jersey. Duties have included proposal preparation to project completion in MGP, RCRA, CERCLA, and more than 40 landfill capping and remediation, landfill gas and leachate recovery and treatment systems in New Jersey. Managed municipal wastewater treatment plant design and O&M; as well as innovative technology implementation.


  • B.S. Environmental Sciences
    Stockton College, Pomona, NJ
  • M.S. Environmental Engineering
    New Jersey Institute of Technology
  • Licensed Professional Engineer (NJ, PA)
  • NJ Certified Subsurface Evaluator (#00022931)
  • Confined Space Entry Training
  • OSHA 40-hour Health and Safety Training
  • Railroad Safety Worker's Training, NJ Transit
  • OSHA 8-hour Supervisor Training

Key Projects

  • Provided full-time, on-site construction management at a New Jersey MGP site in Atlantic Highlands, New Jersey. Directly supervised the implementation of $5 million of remedial activities included excavation, transportation and disposal of 10,000 tons of MGP-impacted soils/sediments, backfilling and soil/geo-synthetic cap installation, relocation of residential houses, drainage improvements, 100-gpm ground water collection/treatment system, fencing, temporary access roadways and bridge, NJDOT Highway culvert relining, cured-in-place storm sewer rehabilitation, wetlands mitigation and restoration and full-time perimeter air monitoring. Supervised and performed soil, surface water and sediment and ambient air analytical sampling activities. Managed all aspects of project including public relations, security, public meetings, local permitting, subcontractors and environmental monitoring during entire project.
  • Project Manager for a $1.5-million MGP source removal project in central New Jersey, which involved the excavation and disposal of 9,000 tons of benzene and PAH impacted MGP soils. All work was conducted for the Large Gas Utility in accordance with the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection technical guidance regulations and with MACTEC as the oversight consultant. Panther won the project based on its innovative approach of leap-frogging trench boxes to maintain excavation integrity without the use of sheeting. The services included the construction of an access road, installation of sedimentation and erosion control measures, 200 gpm well-point type dewatering system with onsite treatment and subsurface recharge gallery, excavation using trench boxes and load out of contaminated soil and transportation to the utility company's approved thermal treatment vendor. In all, the project included the removal of over nine-thousand (9,000) tons of MGP impacted soils and treatment of over 1 million gallons of ground water, the installation of a geotextile barrier to minimize recontamination of the remediated area and restoration of the site with clean fill and topsoil. Site restoration included capping with a geotextile, 1.5" clean stone and topsoil and vegetated cap over the area.
  • Project Manager for $1.4 million remedial activities at a former chrome pigments manufacturing facility for a Fortune 500 client in Slatington, PA. Services included hot-spot excavation and load-out of chrome-impacted soils, demolition of structures and installation of soil vegetated cap. The services were completed over a five (5) month period and included the regrading and capping of 4 acres, the excavation and off site disposal of 1,000 tons of clean concrete and contaminated soil and the importation and placement of a capping system including placement of a witness geotextile, fill, and topsoil followed by hydroseed the area with a special wetlands mixture. Managed reporting requirements under PADEP Act 2 of the Remedial Action Report (RAR) and Relief of Liability for attainment of Statewide Standards.
  • Senior construction manager for a project consisting of remediation of TSCA PCB soils and sediments at a former rail yard in South Amboy, New Jersey for New Jersey Transit. Responsibilities included preparing engineering design for excavation and disposal of 8,000 tons of TSCA PCB-contaminated soils, construction management, RAR and site restoration including the construction of an expanded parking area for the South Amboy train station. Completed overall coordination and supervision of all contractors and subcontractors within the six (6) acre site including the excavation contractor, trucking and disposal outlets. Performed all air monitoring and NJ Transit safety program requirements and reported daily progress to the owner regarding progress on the project.
  • Project Manager for a fast-tracked, high profile surgical excavation and site remediation project at a private residence in Gloucester, NJ completed for a large utility company adjacent to their former MGP operation. The project involved the air monitoring for volatiles and inorganic particulate contaminates, excavation, transportation and disposal of lead contaminated soils at a residential location with limited working space. The project was completed under the company's MGP remediation program, as Panther is one of a few pre-approved and qualified contractors selected for this program. The project included removal and replacement of concrete sidewalks and curbing, as well as property restorations required for resale of residence. Real-time onsite vibration monitoring and extensive pre-and post-condition reports were produced as deliverables on demand for the client. The work was completed on-time, accident free and under budget.
  • Project Manager for remediation of a formerly landfilled area with buried drums and MGP soils disposal project for MACTEC at an MGP site located in Edison, New Jersey. The services included the removal of buried drums and MGP soils and stabilization of sideslopes. The work was performed to locate existing utilities and remove former building foundations, debris as well as buried drums and MGP impacted soil.
  • Provided senior engineering services for the construction of landfill leachate extraction, conveyance, and treatment systems associated with landfill closure activities on a CERCLA site in Jim Thorpe, Pennsylvania. Specific activities included preparation of design drawings and specifications for the treatment of 12,000,000 gallons of heavy metals contaminated leachate. Treatment components included chemical precipitation, sand and bag filtration, and ion exchange filtration.
  • Site Manager/Construction Manager for a multiple petroleum station demolition and decontamination projects on the Massachusetts Turnpike in Lee, Massachusetts. Tasks performed on the project included demolition, coordination of subcontractors and preparation of reporting requirements to MDEP. Five (5) sites were remediated including the cleaning and removal of underground storage tanks, the disposal of tank bottoms and wash fluids, the excavation and removal of the tanks, the excavation of impacted soil, the collection of post excavation soil samples, and the backfilling and restoration of the site. All work was completed with minimal oversight from the owner and within budget. The work was completed on time and accident free.
  • Design Engineer-in-Charge of numerous upgrades and modifications to digesters, sludge dryer, structural steel, painting, ballast block replacement, polyurethane foam roofing, and primary and secondary clarifiers. Prepared design modifications, 40 MGD wastewater treatment plant. Developed design calculations for stand-by and by-pass pumps for pumping stations as well as structural concrete repairs. Designed modifications and performed construction management services for 42 pumping stations, control equipment and mechanical piping. Tasks also included the preparation of a complete specifications package using CSI formats, preparation of contract design drawings, coordination of construction management of the contractor bidding process, value added engineering and overall contractor and project management. Coordinated real estate acquisitions, easements and flow studies for metering stations.
  • Provided senior engineering and management services to Passaic County Community College for remedial design and construction of a 22,000 square foot structure on a former RCRA classified landfill. Coordinated architects, engineering, construction managers and field investigations for $10 million remediation.
  • Provided on-site oversight of demolition and concrete crushing for a former R&D Laboratory and RCRA regulated chemical storage structure. Supervised on-site health and safety and environmental monitoring of intrusive demolition work, steam cleaning, decontamination and contaminated media sampling Transportation and Disposal.
  • Provided engineering design and construction management of storm water management and landfill caps, leachate collection/recovery and landfill gas collection and disposal systems at various landfills in New Jersey and West Virginia.
  • Project Manager for a $750,000 soil and UST remediation project at a large, former electronics manufacturing facility on Long Island, NY. Contaminated soils from 1+ acre lagoons, sludge drying beds, leaching pits and a degreaser pit with shoring inside the facility were completed with Arcadis G&M, Inc. and NYSDEC oversight. Performed onsite coordination of in-house crews performing multiple tasks and subcontractors.
  • Project Manager for a 400 ton soil remediation project at a residential site impacted by former MGP operations in Gloucester City, NJ. Contaminated soils and concrete were excavated and disposed at Soil Remediation of Philadelphia and restoration of the yard and sidewalks completed. Vibration monitoring was implemented to preclude potential settlement concerns to the house foundation. Work was completed on-time and without implementing costly shoring.
  • Project Manager for over $1 million of ground water treatment system demolition/decommissioning, landfill cap repairs, storm water management, soil, and ground water interceptor trench remediation projects for BFI at various sites in NJ. Site restoration activities required topsoil placement with wetlands plantings of indigenous species to the NJ Pinelands in former access areas. Performed onsite coordination of in-house crews performing multiple tasks and completed work during winter conditions within wetlands areas.
  • Project Manager for asphalt and concrete capping and general site improvements at several former COPR sites in Kearny, NJ. Performed onsite coordination of in-house crews performing multiple tasks and subcontractors. Project was completed on-time and under budget despite record high rainfall during the onsite activities.
  • Project Manager for over $500,000 of soil remediation, UST decommissioning, dewatering and site restoration projects for Delta Environmental Consultants, Inc. and BP Amoco at various sites in NJ.
  • Project Manager for installation of over 1200 LF of leachate system piping, HDPE geomembrane liner repairs, security fencing and AST containment system repairs for Golder Consultants, Inc. at a former Superfund site in Carlstadt, NJ. Project was completed on-time and under budget.
  • Project Manager for a soil remediation, UST decommissioning and floor drain abandonment and site restoration for BB&L, Inc. at a car dealership in Millville, NJ.

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