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Panther's management and support team has over 90 years of combined experience in the environmental industry, including manufacturing, chemical, pharmaceutical, consulting, and commercial / industrial real estate industries. Our team has designed, implemented, and remediated some of the largest environmentally contaminated sites in the United States, including numerous CERCLA, RCRA, and state-run projects. We invite you to find out more about our team and our depth of experience by clicking on any of the individual bio links below.

Peter J. Palko, P.E., CHMM, LSRP

Technical Specialties - Master Level Certified Hazardous Materials Manager; Health and Safety; Biological/Chemical Decontamination and Demolition; Mechanical, Industrial, and Civil Engineering Design; Soil and Ground-Water Investigation and Remediation; Remedial Option Analyses; Treatment Systems Construction and Design; Production, Injection, Monitoring, Observation, and Recovery Wells Design; Vertical Turbine, Submersible, and Diaphragm Pump Design; UST Investigations and Remediation; MGP Remediation; Construction and Project Management. More Info

John M. Twomey

Technical Specialties - Environmental Contracting, Site Remediation, AST / UST Services, Transformer Removal / Retrofilling, MGP Remediation, Capping and Related Storm Water Management, Waste Characterization, Packaging, Transportation and Recycling/Reuse/Disposal, and Regulatory Compliance. More Info

Chris Miller

Technical Specialties - Construction Management and Construction Quality (QA/QC) Management, MGP Remediation, Decontamination and Demolition, Drum Removal, Asbestos Abatement, UST and AST Removal/Demolition, Thermal Treatment of Contaminated Soils, Waste Water Handling and Treatment. More Info

Joseph Horvath

Technical Specialties - Program and Project Planning and Management, Cost/Schedule Control, Chemistry, Geology, Groundwater Remediation, Controlled Excavation, T&D. More Info

Mark Prostko

Technical Specialties: Environmental and Construction Project Management, Operations Management in the Environmental, Geotechnical, Commercial, Industrial and Municipal Remediation business, Cost Estimating and Formal Bidding, EPA Superfund/ State/ and Federal Project Management, Treatment System Construction and Project Management, Groundwater Well and Pump Design, Downhole Geophysical and Video Logging Expertise. Extensive environmental cap installation experience utilizing a variety of geotextiles including tri-planer, woven and non-woven geotextiles, and HDPE liners as well as soil, gravel and asphalt capping systems. More Info

Deborah Schnell, P.E.

Technical Specialties: Design and construction of pilot scale and full scale innovative remedial services, including in-situ chemical oxidation and in-situ chemical reduction systems; design and construction of soil vapor extraction and air sparging systems; soil and groundwater investigations; design of in-situ permeable barriers, source area grid injection systems; formation enhancement using pneumatic fracturing techniques under structures and active facilities; client problem solving; construction and project management; feasibility studies; engineering evaluations and estimating. More Info

John Coffey

Technical Specialties: Wetlands Mitigation and Restoration, MGP Site Remediation, Hazardous Waste Management and Remediation, Landfill Cell Construction and Capping, Drum Handling, Demolition, AST/UST Services, Groundwater Extraction and Treatment Systems, Slurry Walls, and Soil Stabilization. More Info

Scott Garpiel

Technical Specialties: Experienced in DOT, RCRA, CERCLA and OSHA regulatory issues concerning hazardous site activities and clean up procedures. Extensive experience with PADEP (Interim Response Service Contract) and EPA (ERCS and ERRS Region II, III, and IV) protocol and procedures. Vast knowledge of site characterization processes, transportation and waste disposal requirements including land disposal restrictions, treatment methods, and disposal facility acceptance procedures. Experienced in large material handling projects such as on-site treatment, landfill capping, demolition, water treatment plant installation and maintenance. More Info

Edward Zielanski, P.E.

Technical Specialties: Project Management Concepts & Methodology, Project Planning and Control Software, Consultant & Subcontractor Management, Staff Allocation, Supervision & Evaluation, Staff Recruiting, Development & Mentorship, Business Financial Management, Business Development / Client Management, Proposal & Scope Preparation, Client/Municipal/Public Presentations, Civil/Environmental/Geotechnical Design, Engineering Drawings & Specifications, Scoping and Engineering Cost Estimates, Work plans & Technical Reports. More Info

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